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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Crafty Gemini Quilt Club Retreat, August 2017 - Another Epic Retreat

Hello Dear Friends. It's Sunday, August 13, and another amazing Crafty Gemini Quilt and Sewing retreat is in the books. Vanessa Vargas Wilson, (the Crafty Gemini for those who don't already know) invited guest instructor and bag maker extraordinaire, Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness to teach us how to make her Aragon Bag and the large Kismet Trinket Box, each of which are featured in her online store at as a Paper, PDF and/or Video/PDF pattern. I happen to love Video learning because there is nothing better than seeing up close what the next step is going to be, especially when being taught by extraordinary teachers.

I have sung the praises of the Crafty Gemini for her step by step, detailed instruction which she has basically set the industry standard for in my opinion. Sara Lawson has an equally amazing style in which she will begin the class by telling everyone the very first step and then she will go around the room to move people to the next step as they are ready while holding a sample of each step in her hand in which to show you. The class went so smoothly, and all the while we were each learning at our own pace. She has a calm energy that made everyone in the room believe they would achieve the goal of making her projects... and we did! Here is a picture of my finished Aragon Bag.

Below I am showing several other bags made by the Crafty Gemini Club members and as you will see each fabric choice gives the bag a unique personality.

In addition, the new Crafty Gemini Wallet of the Month Club has been launched and we were given the opportunity to learn one of the wallet constructions in person with Vanessa.  Here is a picture:

and since great minds think alike, Sara Lawson has also released a group of four bag making videos with a specially priced for a short period of time. Afterward they will be available by PDF, paper or PDF/Video individually at regular price, which is still a bargain.

When I return home I am having surgery on my right hand to repair my thumb joint, or lack thereof, caused by a genetic arthritic condition.  I'll post more about that as soon as I can type.

Coming up:  More reviews of online learning and shopping.
                     Information on Degenerative disc disease, surgery and recovery
                     continuing journey with my Bernina 750 QE

yours in sewing and quilting, Nancy

Monday, July 31, 2017

My Bernina - Dawn of a New Day, Upcoming Fun and BIG SALES

Hello Sewisters!

Last week I wrote about an amazing lecture given about Aurifil Thread at one of my favorite Quilt Shops, Danners Bernina Shoppe in Hanover, PA. Now, Hanover, PA is not in my back yard. I live in Baltimore and Hanover is about 50 miles from my home. However, it has the reputation as one of the best Bernina dealers in a 100 mile radius and worth the trip for me. Plus, it's always a pretty drive! So, this past Saturday, on the third anniversary of my ownership of my Bernina 750QE, I attended a "Basics Class" given by one of the owners, Mrs. Danner. This is a family business and all of the six Danner children have worked there at one time or another. I have, so far, met Mr. and Mrs. Danner, daughter Nadine and son Delmer. I describe them as my Bernina Super Hero Team!

The class was very well attended by Bernina owners, some bringing in machines bequethed to them by their mother or friend, others purchasing the most basic model on up to the 8 series. I was doubtful that I would learn a lot considering the vast differences in our machines. However, I was completely wrong! Mrs. Danner was a natural teacher. She explained things I already thought I knew but now I actually understand (chagrin) and also showed me why things were happening that I thought were a machine malfunction. First problem, not a malfunction by machine but a lack of knowledge by the user (me!). Yes, even on a sewing computer you must hold your thread while the machine stitches out the first few stitches so it doesn't get caught up underneath and create an ugly thread nest. Second, I was unhappy that when I began stitching it would make three stitches, creating a knot and therefore bulk, and bulk is the enemy of all quilters! Well, Mrs. Danner very sweetly told me that if I didn't like it I could change it! What? I can make my machine do something I like, or not do something I despise? She showed me in a few easy steps how to change this pesky operation and begin sewing nice and clean. However, what about keeping the ends from pulling apart when piecing? Well, there is quilters stitch for that as well.

The point is, I am realizing that my machine is only as smart as the user. In this case, the user is finally using her brain and also being taught by a wonderful instructor. And that, my friends, makes a huge difference.

Speaking of amazing instructors....... in two weeks I will be attending the August Crafty Gemini Quilt Retreat! I have been waiting ... well since last August for this! In fact, I was so sad at the thought of having to wait an entire year I booked the November retreat as well so next August wouldn't be so far away!!!!

At this retreat we will be learning not only from Vanessa Vargas Wilson (did I mention Amazing!!!!) but she has invited Sara Lawson to be a guest instructor! Yes! Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! We will be making her Aragon bag and Kismet zippered trinket boxes. I am very much looking forward to this retreat and cannot wait to post during and after.


Did you know that Connecting Threads sells fabric? Yes! And it also has many lines under it's own label. One of my favorite bloggers and Craftsy teachers, Amanda Nyberg, is a Connecting Threads designer! Her new line, Emma & Myrtle, has just been released and it is ADOREABLE! I'm ordering a fat quarter and yardage asap. In addition, their Backing fabric is on sale through September and all notions are 30% off. Stop on by to see if there is anything you might need.


I think I mentioned something about in an earlier post. If not, here is a preview. They have online classes similar to, however, they can be accessed by paying a monthly fee of $4.95! Now, I'm not sure about the length or quality, but I am assuming it's similar to Craftsy, however, I will be reviewing it in the next month. The class I am intereted in taking is:

Check it out or any other class that looks interesting to you. There is also a 30 day free trial. You can take any class you like.

Sew, for now my sewisters.......

Keep calm and create on!

Nancy, your Vintagekindagirl

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Aurifil Lecture, UFO update and BIG SUMMER SALES

Hello sewing and quilting family.


Last Tuesday my sewister, Denise Harris, and I attended an amazing lecture given by one of the the Product Manager and Public Relations specialist for the Aurifil Thread Company, Alex Veronelli. Mr. Veronelli narrated a film of how thread is developed and produced at the plant in Milan, Italy including the how colors are chosen and developed. He also talked about some of the newest threads being introduced including the new 80 weight applique thread. All of Aurifil threads have multiple purposes, for instance, 80 wt was developed with the hand applique quilter in mind but it can also be used in the sewing machine for Free Motion Quilting (FMQ). I happen to love 80 and 100 wt thread when I want to bring out the beauty of the fabric more than the nuances of the stitching. It is also very forgiving! During his narration I learned not only about the process of creating a fine line of sewing thread but also that Aurifil places quality above quantity at every turn. For instance, during the process when thread is still in development a machine might be able to accomodate 6 tied bunches of thread for a process but only 4 are done at a time so as not to overcrowd the thread so all of it is treated evenly, albeit slowing down the production of quantity.

In addition to being witty,personable and humorous, Mr. Veronelli made himself available afterward to meet all of the attendees, answer questions and take pictures. He shared many samples of work done by several of our favorite quilting artists and fabric designers including pieces from his private collection that he obviously cherished.

After attending this lecture I, for one, will never complain about paying $13 per spool because I now understand the amount of care and attention that go into creating Aurifil Thread.

Now, it's not the only thread I will ever use, but it is one of my favorites and I don't imagine I will be replacing anytime in the near future.


Well, as UFO's go, I'm still working on my Mexican Stars blocks and ... sadly... have nothing to share. When I returned from my Maine Vacation I hit the ground running and two weeks later was back on the road to return my neice to Florida. Upon my return I hosted a "Sewing Hollow" retreat in my home with My sewister, Denise, and we began preparing for our Crafty Gemini Quilt Retreat class in August. Seeing as how I haven't heard much in the way of progress from my followers, I would imagine we are all in the same boat.


Sizzix is having a huge "Christmas in July" Sale and I am providing the link on the right so you can get on over there and load up on your faves and receive a significant savings.

Annies Catalog is also having a 50% off on all on-line classes. Now, I haven't taken any of the classes from Annie's yet so I cannot speak to their content, but I have previewed them and they seem fun, are taught by leaders in the industry and are very creative. So take a look. The Link to the sale is also on your right. And, remember, Annie's is another great resource for supplies, sometimes things you can't find anywhere else.

Craftsy is having a 50% off sale on their "Start Up Library" classes. This is a wonderful bargain because it is a group of classes intended to get you started or refresh your skills in Quilting, sewing, crochet, embroidery, etc. The group of classes is already discounted so by giving you an additional 50% off you are raking in the savings. Please click here:
Startup Library: Quilting

or look for that link on the right as well and use the coupon code S5R63K6 at checkout.

That's all I have for you at the moment. Happy sewing.

Nancy your VKG

Friday, July 14, 2017

Where is the Vintagekindagirl

Summer is a crazy time of year for me. I'm off from teaching but on as super aunt!!! Diane and I take family vacations and in between I'm getting caught up on home stuff and, yes, already beginning preparations for next school year.

However if you follow my blog I want to first thank you and second let you know that Wednesday I will be back with my review of an Inside Aurifil Lecture being given by Alex Veronelli, Italian product manager for Aurifil Thread company!!! I am sew excited and I will also post pictures and share everything I learn.

In addition I will have a UFO update! I hope you will as well

Until then my friends!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

UFO Summer Challenge

Hello Fantastic Friends of Fabric.  I am beginning my Summer UFO Challenge and I hope you will consider joining me.  Every week I am committing to work on one UFO.  I may work on part of or finish something as simple as binding (not that binding is simple! but it counts as one thing to finish).

This week I have been on vacation with family.  We have been traveling through Maine and settled in a cabin on a lovely, spring filled lake.  I am surrounded by nature, beautiful sunrises, a crystal clear lake, singing loons, croaking frogs and a lot of BUGS!  But I also have this amazing view while I sew and its inspirational to say the very least.

Kate, Harry, Diane, Tyler and Lily contemplating the fish 

Lily guarding the cabin

a children's only fishing pond

Kate caught the first Trout

So now for my UFO project this week.  I brought several actually and when I arrived at the cabin I unpacked them all, except for one that has it's own, pretty box.  It has its own box because it is in pieces.  Measured, sliced and diced, bagged and labeled along with directions and thread.  (I was wondering where that spool of pink Aurifil was).  I saw the finished wall hanging in a LQS near my home and loved it, save for the fabric choices.  But then, that is always a personal preference for quilters.  

The quilt is called Mexican Stars Quilt Pattern and Annies carries it and a ton of other quilting items AND online classes! (I'll be reviewing those soon too).

If you check out the pattern on pinterest you will also see all kinds of different fabrics, colors and patterns used for this amazing quilt.

My LQS even had a class on making this really beautiful quilt, however, the teacher, while very talented at fabric art, was not interested in conveying how to make the quilt.  It was a frustrating experience and I ended up putting it up on a shelf.  I didn't even finish the class.

One of the things that really gave me pause was the use of folded squares into triangles that are placed in corners, and then folded back on the bias to create a curve.  But, one day, while surfing through the wonderful Facebook posts from one of my club sewisters in The Crafty Gemini Quilt Club, I happened upon a wonderful link to a video for a table runner.  It wasn't even in English!  But the person making the table runner did everything so concisely and orderly I could follow along and made this:

Fast forward 3 years.  3 years in quilting years is like 10 years of learning years.  I have attended several retreats, downloaded dozens of classes and watched hours of YouTube tutorials.  I am burning through computer giggle bites (whatever it's called) like there is no tomorrow and this is exactly the technique and tutorial I needed in order to tackle this beautiful quilt. I cannot find the original YouTube Tutorial but there are several now showing this very simple and versitile technique.  Some call it Cathedral Window, and while the Mexican Stars Quilt Pattern uses the technique it doesn't actually look anything like a cathedral window.

After 3 years of storing it with high hopes I read through the pattern and it all began to make sense.  The importance of Strip sets, Units and labeling the fabric with names such as dark, medium, light, background, print, etc.  It was no longer gibberish, foreign, gobbledygook!  It was Quilt-talk and now I speak that!  Here are some pics of the work I accomplished on my first UFO project of the summer:

So let's all get started.  Let's make a pinkie promise to work on just a little bit or a big bit of a UFO.  Even if you only do it once a week, post your progress, comment about it and cheer each other on.  You can post in comments here and on the Vintagekindagirl Facebook page.  I will continue to do the same.  

Happy UFO Summer!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Dritz Easy Grasp Pins - 4 out of 5 spools

In my post about sewing and quilting with arthritis I wrote about notions and supplies that caused the least amount of pain to hold, operate, use, etc. I hadn't found these pins until recently and I used them for the first time tonight while sewing a pillow together. I had to pin through several layers and while they do not slide as easily as the lighter weight, glass head pins by Clover and Little House, they handled the layers well and, most importantly, I experienced absolutely no pain gripping the pin, pushing it through fabric or removing! This is a big win for me as using straight pins causes a great deal of pain in my thumb joint (or lack thereof). Here is the link to get your own box: Dritz Easy Grasp Pins Size 24 60 pc. - $7.69 from: CreateForLess which might be another good online resource to add to your list of go-to vendors.

In addition I made a little video to show you the difference in size and ease of pushing through fabric.

You can watch the video on the Vintagekindagirl Facebook page.

I am giving the pins a 4 out of 5 spools simply because I wish they slid through fabric as easily as the Glasshead, smaller gage pins... but a vintagekindagirl can't have it all.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

YouTube Favorites: Channels and Individual Videos - Part 1

Hello Fabric Art Crafters! Here is the post talking about my YouTube Favs. We have all scoured the internet for information at one time or another and especially when we are learning to do something for the first time. For instance, installing a zipper pocket inside a tote bag. When I learned how to do that I felt INVINCIBLE! Well, as I learned how to sew and quilt and craft anything for that matter, I found myself going more and more to YouTube. For some of you this isn't new but I have to say YouTube opened up an entirely new world for this vintagekindagirl!

Some of you know how I first began to sew. It was during a very difficult time in my life and I needed a distraction. I dusted off my sewing machine (used maybe once) and decided to make pillowcases. That's when I discovered The Crafty Gemini! This was before her Quilt Club, Retreats, Fabric Line, Sewing Coop, Endorsements, line of templates/Rulers.... I mean, the girl ROCKS! Needless to say I stumbled onto a gold mine in the making. Because of her excelent teaching style I made my first of many pillowcases. After that I checked around for easy quilts. I stumbled upon Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company's Jelly Roll Race. Well I had a jelly roll in my pile of misfit fabrics (I had not idea how to shop for, match up, coordinate any fabric and when I bought the strips I didn't even know what I would use them for!) So, I began my first quilt and finished it in two nights. I had no idea what to do with it after that so I looked around the internet for long arm quilters, a term I came across somewhere in my searching. I found one a couple states away and contacted her. We picked everything from thread color to design over the internet and I mailed my two quilt tops off to her for quilting. I didn't realize that I could quilt them myself! I remember thinking to myself "this could get expensive if I keep sewing up quilts and then have to send them off for quilting. And, to top it off, with more researh I would have found a quilter down the street from me. I thought there were only a few in the US. Stop laughing... its true. I was green!

Well a lot has changed in the last four years and I have learned a great deal more because I have emersed myself into sewing and quilting and I have never looked back. Along the way I have discovered some excellent tutorials and channels on Youtube and I want to share them with you now.


The Crafty Gemini - Vanessa Vargas Wilson's own channel containing all of her tutorials from the very beginning through present.

Crafty Gemini Creates - Vanessa Vargas Wilson's collaboration with Missouri Star Quilt Company. A short series of tutorials that are quick and super fun.

The Midnight Quilt Show - Hosted by Angela Walters, Long Arm and Domestic Free Motion Quilting Expert and Teacher. You will love her down to earth style and philosophy about quilting. "Finished is better than Perfect!" She starts with her snacks and a pack of fabric pre-cuts from and turns it into an amazing quilt from piecing to quilting in one tutorial. Obviously it will take longer than one sitting to do everything she is showing us, but the point is it can be done!

Missouri Star Quilt Company - Jenny Doan is the Teacher and she is sweet, funny and a wonderful teacher. She also has guests on from time to time.

Debbie Shore - She's from "over the pond" in England. She has written several books and teaches in a very layed-back style. Sometimes she has her big goofy dog in the tutorials as well. She's adoreable and unpretentious, not brand loyal, just loves to teach you how to make small and unique items. Totes, Coin purses, pillows, all with some kind of unique twist. You can learn a lot of great things from her tutorials. And I love to listen to her speak!

Pat Bravo - Quick, no words, tutorials. All visual learning with sub-titles. These are well done and you can watch and sew. Just hit pause. They also come complete with downloadable materials. I love the paper pieced heart!

Art Gallery Fabrics - They have great, quick tutorials on different blocks and also DIY tutorials on fabric things like flowers or quilted artwork. Two of my favorites are the Spiderweb Block and the Jackknife block. If you click on Chanels under Art Gallery Fabrics or just do a search look for Mister Domestic. My fav by him is the Improv Quilt Block. LOVE IT! And you will love him. He is a hoot.

Birdcage and Thread - I haven't watched it yet but she just did an 8 series tutorial on the Sew Together Bag! I cannot rate it yet but I will certainly be reviewing it very soon.

Mark Montano - This gentleman does almost everything. No patterns! Party dress, refurbish old furniture, lighting, lampshades, cards, jewelry... he's amazing. He also has a book. I have done the black party dress and plan to do his recent lampshade tutorial. But there are sooooooo many more.

Melanie Ham - Different style than Vanessa or Jenny but definitely excellent. Box Pouch, Pencil Tote, Quilting, etc.

Shabby Fabrics - She has adoreable projects. The videos tend to be a little long but the projects are really nice.

Man Sewing - Rob Appell teamed up with Missouri Star Quilt Company to teach his style of "man" quilting. He's funny and has different and fresh ideas. - Silk Ribbon Embroidery. I enrolled in a silk ribbon embroidery class on in order to learn this technique to embellish my art quilts. While doing more searching I came upon the site on youtube. Wonderful tutorials for Silk ribbon embroidery and also basic embroidery, materials and hand dying.

There are a few more that I promise to bring up in future postings but the above consists of my top choices and go to YouTube Tutorials. I hope you find them helpful and inspiring and I would love to know what your top three channels are too. Let's spread the knowledge.

Happy Sewing