Friday, June 10, 2016

How I found quilting and stay inspired

This ends my second year as a public school teacher. Last year I subbed to make sure I could survive, and I barely made it. In fact I was considering a change of career, but for now that's my "Day Job." A couple years ago when I was on an unplanned haiatis from teaching. My partner was promoted to corporate and we were transferred to Ohio. Now, I have nothing against Ohio or the people in Ohio, but I am a California girl living in Maryland. Ohio was pushing my sensibilities too far. It's flat, snowy, cold in the winter, humid in the summer and there is no ocean! But, I was determined to make the best of it. I got my teaching certification only to find out there was a hiring freeze for teachers in the arts. I am a trained soprano and called every church in town offering to audition, sub and eventually told them I would even sing for free. No takers. It was a very depressing experience. I have never felt so unwanted. What to do with my free time. In the corner of my basement sat my barely used sewing machine. A simple machine with no decorative stitches. I dusted it off and hit the internet. After my first pillowcaes I was hooked. The first quilt I made was a Jellyroll race quilt top, then a spinning star from a well known company with weekly tutorials. I tried a pattern, cutting every single piece myself, labeling, packaging. It was a terrible experience because I didn't have a good set up and it left my body aching. But, the minute something is under my needle I am in a completely different mind set. While we were in Ohio, my mother became incapacitated and had to be placed in assisted living. I guess being unemployed was for the best because I spent 6 months caring for her affairs and eventually she passed away. Shortly after that we were gratefully transfered back to Baltimore, MD. Now, I'm "home" in Baltimore and was hired immediately into Baltimore County Public Schools. In addition, I hired to be a cantor in my Parish, I built a thriving voice studio. Since beginning my sewing adventure I have joined an online quilting club, attended two out of state retreats, downloaded three dozen Craftsy classes at ( which I highly recommend, bought three more machines (much to my Partner's dismay) and made several lap quilts, home deco and personal items, bags, totes... the list goes on. For now I am calling it "preparing for retirement" but I secretly want it to be "preparing for a new career." Here's to the future. Happy Sewing!

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