Monday, June 5, 2017

Dritz Easy Grasp Pins - 4 out of 5 spools

In my post about sewing and quilting with arthritis I wrote about notions and supplies that caused the least amount of pain to hold, operate, use, etc. I hadn't found these pins until recently and I used them for the first time tonight while sewing a pillow together. I had to pin through several layers and while they do not slide as easily as the lighter weight, glass head pins by Clover and Little House, they handled the layers well and, most importantly, I experienced absolutely no pain gripping the pin, pushing it through fabric or removing! This is a big win for me as using straight pins causes a great deal of pain in my thumb joint (or lack thereof). Here is the link to get your own box: Dritz Easy Grasp Pins Size 24 60 pc. - $7.69 from: CreateForLess which might be another good online resource to add to your list of go-to vendors.

In addition I made a little video to show you the difference in size and ease of pushing through fabric.

You can watch the video on the Vintagekindagirl Facebook page.

I am giving the pins a 4 out of 5 spools simply because I wish they slid through fabric as easily as the Glasshead, smaller gage pins... but a vintagekindagirl can't have it all.

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