Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thread Painting Class with Joyce Hughes

This was the class that was going to help me reconnect with my Bernina 750QE. Indeed, it was an excellent start and I am so happy I chose this class to begin our couples therapy. I really didn't know anything about the instructor. Of course I checked out her web site and blog, looked over her beautiful designs and work and really admired her work ethic. But nothing prepared me for her amazing story and the journey thereafter. I won't repeat it here because I would rather you hear it from her lips and hopefully be as moved and inspired as I was. In addition, seeing her work in person is surreal. She's self-taught, broke every rule and now has her own unique techniques and is in my estimation one of the greats in the quilting/sewing world. She is a natural teacher and does the work right along with you so you take your thread painting journey together. In fact, I am attending the multi dimensional thread painting course this summer. Look her up at www.JoyceHughesOriginals.com Here is a before and after picture of my work. The applique was done by Joyce and she even did the FMQ'ing around the flowers to save time. Big thank you because it was deliciously beautiful.


  1. Beautiful never thought of doing that

  2. Whoa! That is gorgeous! It's like two different quilts.



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