Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Upcoming Posts on The VintageKindaGirl Blog in June

June is here and the school year is coming to an end. I am getting very excited about having more time to sew, quilt and share it all with you on the VKG blog! Here are some posts to look forward to this month:

1. At Home Sewing Retreat - Highlights from my Amazing At-Home Sewing retreat with my sewister, Denise H. (Moon Dawg) and ideas for future at home retreats with a sewister or two. Themed, projects, set up, meals, etc. Please be prepared to leave your ideas in the comments for everyone to read. I know I love feedback and fresh ideas.

2. Favorite YouTube Tutorials: Crafty Gemini, AGF, Accuquilt, Missouri Star Quilt Company, Melanie Ham, and several by unknown people who have great ideas!

3. A Review and comparison of On-Line Learning Platforms: Craftsy, CraftU, Bernina, Sulky, Creativebug, Annies and Iquilt. This will be a series of several posts because I don't think I can post everything I want to share about each of the platforms listed above. Whenever possible I will have quick links so you can go directly to the platform and access their classes. I owe so much to the internet for my sewing and quilting successes I thought I'd share all of my experiences, good and bad.

4. THE UFO PROJECT: Quilters Quest to tackle UFOs and post progress notes and pictures. I would like my followers and other readers to consider tackling one UFO per week (if they are small) or making weekly progress on a larger UFO, post your comments and pictures (if possible) and let's cheer each other on.

Lastly, I am going to post many, many more pictures! I am very camera shy and I hate to have my own picture taken. In addition, if such a thing existed I would claim to have cameraphobia: Fear of photographing and downloading to the computer or internet. My goal is to get over it, learn how to use my cool camera and upload pictures of projects, my comparison reviews and a tutorial here and there.

Thank you for following VKG and Happy Sewing.

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