Monday, April 2, 2018


Good Wonderful Easter Monday everyone and happy last day of my Spring Break.  Baltimore County Schools has taken away all of the traditional week of Spring Break and allowed us only Good Friday and Easter Monday now.  So, I made the best of it and have posted several things on my blog and have been working on several projects.

Last year when Vanessa Vargas Wilson aka The Crafty Gemini, released her second line of fabric I scooped up the entire line. It is a collection of black and white prints which can coordinate together or with other colors or just a lovely black and white project.  Well, as I said I purchased it last year... and waited... and .... waited... for the right project.  Have any of you done this?  I wish I were one of those quilters (and I don't think there are many of them) that have a project in mind and purchase the fabric, then make the project.  But I'm not so instaed, I purchase fabric that I love and pet it for a while as I wait for the inspiration, while also saying to myself, "I know I will use this."

I love black and white!  I knew I would use it.  But, I also didn't want to just use it willy nilly and then not have enough for something that really inspired me.  Well, lightening struck... in the form of "The All Rolled Up Bag" Tutorial from ........... Vanessa Vargas Wilson!  The pattern is written by one of The Crafty Gemini's Friends in the Industry, Color Me Quilted, and Vanessa chose it for part of her Organizer Club.  It's really a win, win.  We learn from Vanessa while making a wonderful product developed by another great sewist!  Plus we get all of the amazing Crafty Gemini Tricks and Tips.

Here is a picture of the fabric choices.

The two black and white selections are from her line and now that I have finally decided on the combination I will make ever project in the Organizer Club out of her fabric with a pop of color (proably pink, another favorite color).  I am super excited because it is the first time I will be making a series of things that coordinate together. 

Image result for The All Rolled Up Tote

It measures 15 " across, has four pockets and two removeable zipper pouches, plus a pocket in the bottom to hold a sizeable ruler!  The one in the above picture was made by the pattern writer.  The Crafty Gemini also has pictures of her own on her website, The Crafty Gemini Clubs.  

I hope you are inspired to get to work on something special and use that beautiful fabric that's been waiting for you to turn it into something amazing.  If you can't think of anything, hop over to The Crafty Gemini Clubs and one of her four clubs.  You'll be so busy you may have to go fabric shopping again!

Please post any pictures of your work in the comments below or on my facebook page, Vintagekindagirl.  

Happy Sewing!

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