Monday, July 31, 2017

My Bernina - Dawn of a New Day, Upcoming Fun and BIG SALES

Hello Sewisters!

Last week I wrote about an amazing lecture given about Aurifil Thread at one of my favorite Quilt Shops, Danners Bernina Shoppe in Hanover, PA. Now, Hanover, PA is not in my back yard. I live in Baltimore and Hanover is about 50 miles from my home. However, it has the reputation as one of the best Bernina dealers in a 100 mile radius and worth the trip for me. Plus, it's always a pretty drive! So, this past Saturday, on the third anniversary of my ownership of my Bernina 750QE, I attended a "Basics Class" given by one of the owners, Mrs. Danner. This is a family business and all of the six Danner children have worked there at one time or another. I have, so far, met Mr. and Mrs. Danner, daughter Nadine and son Delmer. I describe them as my Bernina Super Hero Team!

The class was very well attended by Bernina owners, some bringing in machines bequethed to them by their mother or friend, others purchasing the most basic model on up to the 8 series. I was doubtful that I would learn a lot considering the vast differences in our machines. However, I was completely wrong! Mrs. Danner was a natural teacher. She explained things I already thought I knew but now I actually understand (chagrin) and also showed me why things were happening that I thought were a machine malfunction. First problem, not a malfunction by machine but a lack of knowledge by the user (me!). Yes, even on a sewing computer you must hold your thread while the machine stitches out the first few stitches so it doesn't get caught up underneath and create an ugly thread nest. Second, I was unhappy that when I began stitching it would make three stitches, creating a knot and therefore bulk, and bulk is the enemy of all quilters! Well, Mrs. Danner very sweetly told me that if I didn't like it I could change it! What? I can make my machine do something I like, or not do something I despise? She showed me in a few easy steps how to change this pesky operation and begin sewing nice and clean. However, what about keeping the ends from pulling apart when piecing? Well, there is quilters stitch for that as well.

The point is, I am realizing that my machine is only as smart as the user. In this case, the user is finally using her brain and also being taught by a wonderful instructor. And that, my friends, makes a huge difference.

Speaking of amazing instructors....... in two weeks I will be attending the August Crafty Gemini Quilt Retreat! I have been waiting ... well since last August for this! In fact, I was so sad at the thought of having to wait an entire year I booked the November retreat as well so next August wouldn't be so far away!!!!

At this retreat we will be learning not only from Vanessa Vargas Wilson (did I mention Amazing!!!!) but she has invited Sara Lawson to be a guest instructor! Yes! Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! We will be making her Aragon bag and Kismet zippered trinket boxes. I am very much looking forward to this retreat and cannot wait to post during and after.


Did you know that Connecting Threads sells fabric? Yes! And it also has many lines under it's own label. One of my favorite bloggers and Craftsy teachers, Amanda Nyberg, is a Connecting Threads designer! Her new line, Emma & Myrtle, has just been released and it is ADOREABLE! I'm ordering a fat quarter and yardage asap. In addition, their Backing fabric is on sale through September and all notions are 30% off. Stop on by to see if there is anything you might need.


I think I mentioned something about in an earlier post. If not, here is a preview. They have online classes similar to, however, they can be accessed by paying a monthly fee of $4.95! Now, I'm not sure about the length or quality, but I am assuming it's similar to Craftsy, however, I will be reviewing it in the next month. The class I am intereted in taking is:

Check it out or any other class that looks interesting to you. There is also a 30 day free trial. You can take any class you like.

Sew, for now my sewisters.......

Keep calm and create on!

Nancy, your Vintagekindagirl

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