Saturday, October 21, 2017

Crafty Gemini Quilt Club Retreat, August 2017 - Another Epic Retreat

Hello Dear Friends. It's Sunday, August 13, and another amazing Crafty Gemini Quilt and Sewing retreat is in the books. Vanessa Vargas Wilson, (the Crafty Gemini for those who don't already know) invited guest instructor and bag maker extraordinaire, Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness to teach us how to make her Aragon Bag and the large Kismet Trinket Box, each of which are featured in her online store at as a Paper, PDF and/or Video/PDF pattern. I happen to love Video learning because there is nothing better than seeing up close what the next step is going to be, especially when being taught by extraordinary teachers.

I have sung the praises of the Crafty Gemini for her step by step, detailed instruction which she has basically set the industry standard for in my opinion. Sara Lawson has an equally amazing style in which she will begin the class by telling everyone the very first step and then she will go around the room to move people to the next step as they are ready while holding a sample of each step in her hand in which to show you. The class went so smoothly, and all the while we were each learning at our own pace. She has a calm energy that made everyone in the room believe they would achieve the goal of making her projects... and we did! Here is a picture of my finished Aragon Bag.

Below I am showing several other bags made by the Crafty Gemini Club members and as you will see each fabric choice gives the bag a unique personality.

In addition, the new Crafty Gemini Wallet of the Month Club has been launched and we were given the opportunity to learn one of the wallet constructions in person with Vanessa.  Here is a picture:

and since great minds think alike, Sara Lawson has also released a group of four bag making videos with a specially priced for a short period of time. Afterward they will be available by PDF, paper or PDF/Video individually at regular price, which is still a bargain.

When I return home I am having surgery on my right hand to repair my thumb joint, or lack thereof, caused by a genetic arthritic condition.  I'll post more about that as soon as I can type.

Coming up:  More reviews of online learning and shopping.
                     Information on Degenerative disc disease, surgery and recovery
                     continuing journey with my Bernina 750 QE

yours in sewing and quilting, Nancy

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