Sunday, March 11, 2018


Hello Sewisters.  Good news, I am typing this blog myself!!!  I am seven months post-op and I am typing, sewing, opening doors, using flatware and....... hand sewing!  And you know what?  I still hate to hand sew.  LOL.  But, I can do it!

Here isthe before and after picture .  The pin has been removed but I still have a bionic hand with two titanium buttons holding things together.  The left hand is still waiting for the same surgery but I am putting it off until the very last minute.

If any of you are in need of this surgery I hope you will do a lot of research into the procedure your surgeon performs.  My surgeon, Dr. Emery Kim, does not remove a large bone and fill it with tendon material like many other surgeons do.  It is his own procedure and one that he will be publishing his findings on very soon.  I am so happy that I happened upon him.  I really didn't have a choice as I am a member of Kaiser and he was the doctor assigned to me.  It all worked out for the best!

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